Many Thanks To...

Jonathan Hamelin would like to thank a number of people who have helped him along on his journey to becoming a professional journalist.

Hamelin would like to thank Rob Vanstone, sports editor of the Regina Leader-Post. When Hamelin first contacted Vanstone, merely wanting some advice about journalism, Vanstone offered to meet with him in person. At that same meeting, Hamelin was offered an entry-level job at the Leader-Post. Throughout Hamelin's stay at the Leader-Post, Vanstone has been very helpful and encouraging, while allowing Hamelin to write freelance articles. Hamelin would also like to thank those who have helped him out at the Leader-Post.

Hamelin has been able to write a number of sports columns online and has some people to thank for that. Shane Chapman, former owner of the website, allowed Hamelin to write a column about the Saskatchewan Roughriders on his site. This was Hamelin's first column. Hamelin would also like to thank Bert Bartake, owner of, who allowed him to write his first column about the Canadian Football League. Furthermore, Hamelin would like to those who have allowed him to publish his CFL work on their site, or hired him to write for their site.

Also, Hamelin would like to acknowledge Marc James, the owner of James hired Hamelin to write columns on his website. These columns were the first Hamelin wrote that were not about the CFL. As Hamelin learned to write about different sports, James offered valuable advice.

Hamelin's first taste of journalism came while he attended Greenall High School and as such he would like to thank Mrs. Candice Krawetz. Krawetz was Hamelin's journalism and creative writing teacher. In journalism, she started the first ever Greenall newspaper titled Paramount Perspective. This was Hamelin's first experience writing for a newspaper.

In high school, Hamelin was able to attend a writing conference called "Creating in the Qu'Appelle," where he covered the event as a journalist. He travelled to the event with a few other students, along with Krawetz and Mr. Kelly Ireland. Ireland was very helpful throughout the project and was a very positive influence.

Hamelin would also like to thank Peter Mills, the editor-in-chief of The Carillon, the University of Regina's newspaper. Though Hamelin did not get hired on to the Carillon in his first attempt, Mills encouraged Hamelin to contribute. He also got Hamelin writing a weekly column about the Roughriders, which has been going great.

One of the greatest thanks has to go out to Hamelin's mother and father. Hamelin's mother has always been willing to edit his writing and has helped him become a better writer, while his father helped ignite Hamelin's interest in sports.

Lastly, Hamelin would like to thank everyone who has agreed to be interviewed by him. Their co-operation is very appreciated.